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Tim Riggins
09 January 2015 @ 05:19 pm
"This is Tim. I don't care if ya leave a message or not."

[Despite his voicemail, messages for Tim or his mun can be left here]
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Tim Riggins
18 July 2010 @ 11:54 am
LINK: First Shrek was so the best.
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Tim Riggins
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Strangely, it felt like longer than just a couple of weeks since Tim fell ill and landed in hospital. Everyone had been up in the air since it happened, waiting for any news, and time had just slipped away but rather than feeling like it passed quick, it seemed to drag. But after a lot of examinations and medical discussions, Tim was allowed to be discharged, albeit with a pile of medications and strict restrictions and instructions. Again, Jason and Billy ended up having not-so-polite and heated words. Billy was being a stubborn prick and the guilt wasn't letting him just back off and accept that going back to Dillon wasn't the best thing for Tim. But Jason, in his typical QB style, did eventually get through to the older Riggins brother. It was true that the now Austen-based crowd of Tim's friends were just in a better place to take care of him now, and it seemed to be the scenario that put Tim in the better frame of mind. Every time Dillon was brought up, it was like a depression set in. Going back there just wasn't the right thing at that point, which was something the others really understood. They had all been in that boat at some point.

Now he was finally back at the Austin home, and all he could really do was stand there and watch in amusement as Taylor fluffed up the three pillows waiting on the sofa for him and made sure the light blanket there wasn't creased...Collapse )

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Tim Riggins
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When Tim woke up this time, it was to Billy and Mindy sitting beside his bed. Despite telling Jason he needed him to stay, he wasn't surprised to find his best friend making himself scarce when Billy was around. It was probably taking all of Jason's strength not to bitch Billy out loudly and angrily. Tim was just glad that hadn't happened. Still, the visit with Billy and his irritating wife did Tim's head in more than whatever it was making him sick. In fact, sitting there trying to listen to Billy play wonderful doting brother and Mindy thinking borderline babytalk was how you spoke to someone who was ill, Tim found himself literally physically sick and barfing in a bag a short time later. At least it got the nursing staff to tell them to leave so he could rest. Tim didn't care if they made him bang his head against a glass window for therapy, anything was better than trying to play happy families when it was anything but.

Now he was lying here alone again, and the jumbled of thoughts were trying to force themselves back into his brain. His head started to throb painfully again and he weakly put his hand up to rub his forehead. He was actually preferring to feel hungover right now. It didn't even touch this endless sensation of crap. He pressed the buzzer for the nurse, who was there just a moment later. No waiting in this ward, obviously his condition still was a concern. "Can I have somethin' for my head, please?" he asked her quietly. "It ain't seemin' to stop hurtin'. And, uh... can ya' see if my friends are 'round? Just... Six or..." He trailed off, but she was already nodding with a smile, assuring him she would be back soon.
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